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My name is Aaron, and this is a compilation of profound thoughts, intriguing images, quotes (inspirational and otherwise), and anything else I deem worth posting.

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3 weeks ago
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A short clip of me singing Breakeven by The Script. Click here for full video: http://youtu.be/h-v-4WytPCw @hangloosevapes #thescript #breakeven #hb #oc #714 #socal #newtalent #mainst #thevoice #americanidol #instafame #xfactor #americasgottalent #hangloosevapes #singers #coversongs #acappella #alternativerock #music (at Hang Loose Vapes)

6 months ago
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I think even if you are mostly flaws and sad stories so am I and so is everyone. I think your flaws and sad stories go well with mine. I want to kiss your sad stories on the forehead.



City Landscapes by  INVIV0

Colors <3

11 months ago
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